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I guess that means I'm not dreading the fallout in the way I normally do! You'll be my first customer! Hahaha, I love how JW ordered them to clean up before awkwardly setting one off himself and stalking away again! This episode is so cute (not to mention HOT!) Netflix. Now he has people that he loves and wants to protect, but life doesn’t work that way. Now I only need to see Dad Byun find out that Bonghee is the girlfriend of his son. 8:57. She says she’s going to the laundromat, then drops the basket in her nervousness. I wonder how I will make it to next week, especially with all the development we've started this week! 지창욱, 끊긴 필름 속 남지현과 첫날밤 기억 “안돼!! Yoo-jung is called in front of District Attorney Jang along with the chief deputy, but no amount of groveling can appease District Attorney Jang. Eun-hyuk takes the case back to the team, explaining that his client, Sun-il, was arrested for what the prosecution claimed was a revenge crime. Hahaha, I know! The moms warring over their kids! Today's episode was everything. But she does promise to consider it. However, English descriptions are not available at this time. Chief Bang says that something seems “missing” since he came back. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Dong Ha. Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) es un fiscal que deja su puesto para ser abogado en un poderoso estudio de abogados. So while I do question the necessity of their lives connecting back to this fire (if only because, with Hyun-soo, the drama already has a lot of compelling material to focus on), them coming to terms with each other's perspectives could be really gratifying to watch if executed well. But then i dont trust BH, she is emotional n might just push JW away if she finds out abt the dads!! JCW and NJH have sizzling chemistry.). The Mandalorian. Watch the latest episode at Viki! The Mandalorian Grogu's 10 Best Babysitters, Ranked. I like how they handle it in Healer too. Trending. Sun-il’s daughter was killed by a car driven by the man who died in the fire, but even though he was drunk and had no driver’s license, he was released without punishment due to diminished capacity (a claim that due to mental or physical illness, he was incapable of intentionally committing a crime). Suspicious Partner Twitter Good news for Korean drama lovers as new titles have been added to Rakuten Viki, where Southeast Asian dramas can be watched for free without signing up. 4:09. See more ideas about suspicious partner, suspicious partner kdrama, ji chang wook. Watch Suspicious Partner Ep 25 With English sub. I guess as long as it continues to pay for good, high quality dramas with sweet and funny moments I can't complain. Trending. So much of the growth they've experienced together has been preparing them for facing an issue like this and I actually care so much about seeing how they grapple with it. They come back together for a longer, hotter kiss, and Bong-hee drops the basket to wrap her arms around Ji-wook’s neck. Also: I have to acknoledge that this is a very good writer. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); So she aegyos a cutesy jagi-ya at him, making him laugh. I think she'll mesh well and complement Eun Hyuk's slightly eccentric nature with her straightforward no-nonsense attitude pretty well. No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) ist ein Staatsanwalt, der umsattelt und als ein privater Rechtsanwalt in einer mächtigen Kanzlei arbeitet. over that kiss, I wouldn't be surprised if a chunk of that 1M viewership came from our community! Watch Love Forecast on VIKI: Suspicious Partner (2017) Cast: Ji Chang-wook, Nam Ji-hyun, Choi Tae-joon, Kwon Nara, Lee Deok-hwa, Hwang Chan-sung, and Kim Ye-won; Watch the Trailer to Suspicious Partner! They should be improving and daring to do more without falling into vulgar and bad taste. The kiss is lovely. Support Role. She purposely and very publicly spread false rumours about Bong Hee to avoid being accused of stealing BH's boyfriend. Watch “Suspicious Partner,” “Pinocchio,” “Master’s Sun,” And More On Viki For Free In Southeast Asia! CEO Byun and Bong-hee agree, but Ji-wook has a hard time smiling. Ji-wook has come a long way from the days when he thought he didn’t need anyone, isolating himself for fear that he might actually care about someone. Previously known as:이 여자를 조심하세요 / I Yeojareul Josimhanseyo / Watch Out For This Woman / Beware This Woman / Suspicious Romance “Suspicious Partner” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Am I remembering things correctly?! Please give me some, I want a bottle of that. The way he envelopes his female co-stars is so natural and gives me the fuzzies - in Healer, even in K2 (the roof-top cuddles & even the last scene in Europe in with Yoona), and now here! Please? !” 《Suspicious Partner》 수상한 파트너 EP08 - Duration: 3:25. He holds onto her tightly, his eyes locked on the photo of her father. So I can’t help but wonder if Hyun-soo is going to wake up with amnesia, because it would be an interesting twist for him to transform from an unrepentant revenge killer to someone who, as far as he would recall, is an innocent man. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot kdramas over latinamerican soap operas for many reasons to count, but one of them is that leads take time (sometimes) to build a relationships and it is not only based on physical attraction. The outstanding thing of this show is these 5 people with different personality, strength, fear, secret, antics and trauma with only JW as the link that tie them all together. Keshan Rusebes. I mean, I am not exactly interested in Father-Father connection. Getting ready for next week's angst and revelations!!! Eun-hyuk apologizes sincerely, having forgotten about Ji-wook’s past tragedy. Although conveniently timed amnesia is probably my very least favorite drama trope, I think that in this case it could be used in an interesting way, and I would trust this writer to do it right. Ok now coming to the important part-- the kiss. I know I never took those scenes for granted, but when I thought about the possibility all week of never seeing all of them together again, my world just felt so dull. Its so romantic and how can one really criticize the scene. The DA! Who walks around strangling women and slapping their subordinates? All four of their faces fall—then Ji-wook shoots off another cracker and flees the room. If they wrap up the ending well, it is a keeper to pass on to others to enjoy. 28:25. (Am I the only torn between wanting to watch and wanting to look away during that kiss?? I'm hoping that they will deal with this situation in an honest and non-noble-idiocy way (Please, show). The dates. I'm so scared for CEO Byun and Eun Hyuk (especially CEO Byun... Now that he's done something so blatant against the criminal and admitted it while by his hospital bed, he might very well be target #1). -In the beginning, I just thought of HJ's father as a (very) misguided grieving parent, but after this episode I won't be satisfied until he is locked up and pays for everything he's done. Ji-wook wakes in the morning to find Bong-hee standing over his bed, and she tells him to get ready because they’re going on a date. I had to fan myself. TOP 10 STUDIO. And I agree Ji Hae has really become an endearing character... something I would NOT have expected after the first few episodes. With Ji Chang-Wook, Nam Ji-Hyun, Choi Tae-Joon, Nara. I just wonder how he got access into the killer's house. Given the 16-episode trend for dramas these days, I was afraid SP was gonna go the cliffhanging way of Mystery Queen! Suspicious Partner. I have not seen RDTK so I can't imagine him playing a nice, even bumbling, character. The show enjoyed modest viewership share, but it beat its competitor by topping the important 20-49 year old demographic, as well as streaming, popularity, and … Since the entire time, the plot has been that there is a murderer with amnesia who can only remember to kill EBH and Ji-wook and the only main murderer is Hyun-soo, it makes perfect sense if he indeed gets amnesia with that as his main motive. Now he has people that he loves and wants to protect, but life doesn’t work that way. Bong-hee asks what he’s talking about, so he fibs that he’s trying to discover the culprit of a mystery novel he’s reading. That was hot and if the bts is out i am dead. Definitely some brain-washing going on. Nam Ji Hyun is a South Korean actress who has won numerous Best Young Actress and Best New Actress awards. The writer gets a bit lazy with the plot and I feel that this drama lose its crack factor, but I still believe this writer, she will not have noble-idiocy plot, right? Ji-wook is called back to the hospital by CEO Byun, who tells everyone excitedly that Chief Bang moved a finger. The chemistry of the leads in SP is really off the charts! Eun-hyuk looks up innocently and asks what he did, then he gets all excited that Ji-wook is finally talking to him. -Will Hyun-soo remember his crimes? Ein vergesslicher Killer kann ziemlich gefährlich sein. I also appreciate it when a show portrays its characters in a realistic way, especially in relation to romance and sex. Bong-hee chooses this moment to walk into the middle of the nightmare, and when it looks like she’s going to flee again, Ji-wook grabs her and yells, “Mothers! It finally happened, hahaha! He bounces around like a happy little bunny, then takes out a jewelry box to smile at a delicate necklace with a ring-shaped pendant. This episode jammed a lot in and, IMO, deprived the audience of some moments. The revealation from the writternim that DA after all played a role in both the lives of our jibong! Mr. Byun feels uncomfortable and visits a doctor for a checkup. This drama does a great job at capturing so many emotions and thoughts from suspense, comedy, mystery, and of course love. I must really love CEO Byun. Pendiente. Good. So far, he's been shown as a pretty level-headed kind of guy, and I have so much faith in the writer by now. -JW's hissy fits after being owned at every game by BH had me in stitches. I miss Hyun-soo. Chief Bang rocks, I have even a bit hard time believing he was in a coma cause he remembers their confessions to the T. I wonder though: what was Ji Wooks´ promise? It's interesting since the actor playing CEO Byun also usually plays such terrible people, but in this drama he's such a squishy lovable old man... With a serious and protective side when it comes to the ones he cares about. I love their little work family! it feels like he cares for Yoo Jung, but he is not pining after her any more, it is more like nostalgia. I enjoy the relationship development between the leads and the firms. Pendiente. BH's words definitely indicate that her father was somehow involved though. Oozing chemistry. "Suspicious Partner" ist ein südkoreanisches Drama aus 2017 unter der Regie von Park Sun Ho. I was so happy with the lovely scene between our OTP but then Show went and dropped the ball. It's little moments like that I love and appreciate. totally devoted to each other and their goals. And who knows, Hee-joon may have lied to her that he and Bong-hee were broken up… all we know is that she did say she wasn’t proud of her behavior in that situation. Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) es un fiscal que deja su puesto para ser abogado en un poderoso estudio de abogados. not really sure. I love that. Anyway, I wonder if he really believes that the man in his dreams was responsible for his parents' death or if after all these years, he has actually taken it into consideration that his little-self was manipulated. It's those broad shoulders of his ? Both of EH and chief bang so cute. I figured it was CEO Byun because the mystery guy was wearing ahjussi suit pants. He forgot to include himself so technically the man died (1) and Chief Bang ALMOST died (2) so that makes it two. Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) es un fiscal que deja su puesto para ser abogado en un poderoso estudio de abogados. He predicts that two people in the law firm will die soon. DP_Kim is an English magazine writer and fashion fan … The sense of loyalty, friendship/family and togetherness of these people is what keep me glued. Keshan Rusebes. It aired on SBS from May 10 to July 13, 2017 at 22:00 on Wednesdays and Thursdays for 40 episodes. Bridgerton. My feelings on our leads' connected past: This show's introspective take on guilt and innocence earns it a lot of traction, because I've already seen firsthand how our leads' pasts have played a part in who they've become. Ji-wook paces, thinking about who might have taken the stolen knife from his desk drawer and planted it in Hyun-soo’s home. Yoo-jung and Ji-hae watch the news about Hyun-soo’s hit-and-run accident. He uses his hand to block the lower half of Hyun-soo’s face, confirming that these the eyes he saw over the mask his attacker wore. Yes, yes, she has a character problem but I just can't help it lmao. I really appreciate how each case Ji-wook and his team take on reflects the issues that they’re dealing with in their own lives. Kids don't care. They have this hilarious exchange through the glass door using only facial expressions, then Ji-wook yanks the door open anyway. But. It's like a a box to check whenever Chang Wook is in a drama: lovingly look at his otp after a passionate night in bed. SBS’s “Suspicious Partner” was a drama that made actor Dong Ha truly shine. I will ask for your interest and expectation because the two loving and delightful figures of Ji Wook and Bong Hee will be released in sequence. " All of them involve a wrongfully accused defendant who is either innocent, or is guilty but whose motives are tragically misunderstood. But anyways I love them :D, Lee Chae-young shares what she looks for in a role, non-acting interests, and more, Baek Bo-ram shares her fitness and happiness rituals, Comedian Jang Do-yeon talks de-stressing and some of her current joys in life, Ham Eun-jung talks about what roles she'd like to tackle and her fans, Oh Chang-seok talks about role prep and wisdom for budding actors, Im Jung-eun talks about her rookie days, inspiration, and marriage, Jo Yeo-jung talks work ethics, inspiration, and Parasite, Park Sun-ho talks drama recommendations, singing, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video, You Who Forgot Poetry's Lee Yubi talks about her desert island essentials, poetry, and acting, Lee Young-ae to return to dramaland in remake of BBC's Killing Eve, Jeon Do-yeon, Ryu Joon-yeol to star in JTBC drama Human Disqualification, Lovestruck in the City: Episodes 8-9 Open Thread. I can't help wondering if Ji Wook deliberately told the story to get CEO Byun to take away the decision to plant evidence from him and still have it done. LOL. Considering how the Beanies were freaking out (in a good way!) Instead of 7, in Dramaverse it is <2 degrees of separation! It finally happened and it's hilarious! FB.init({ The shoulder and hair kiss the morning after made me squeee so much! He leans over to kiss her lightly and they turn to go to their rooms… but at the exact same time, they both turn back around. Also, Ugh WHY does Hyun Soo have to "wake up" from his coma that way. Free (sub) Viki. Bong-hee yawns, but she denies being sleepy. Starring Tae-Joon Choi, Chang-wook Ji, Ju-hyeong Jin. It'd just be so much fun! The only person he can think of is Eun-hyuk, and he blurts out of nowhere, “Hey Eun-hyuk, if you’re behind this I’m going to put you in prison!”. JiWook, BongHee, and co needed their dysfunctional familial father back and most of all, dramaland needed you. I dislike him even more than I hate the serial killer who despite his killings, seems like a pretty likable guy. So happy Chief Bang came out from that accident a-ok. Love your comment! & no brain damage. They’re joined by Yoo-jung, who says confidently that he’ll wake up, adding that they found the car that hit Hyun-soo but the driver had disappeared. Bong-hee just runs as fast as she can from both of them with her face hidden, HAHA. Bong Hee is absolutely thrilled and … Ji-wook leans towards Bong-hee with his arms open wide, but she fends him off, saying that it’s only their second day. Jun 19, 2020 . Welcome back BangEunHo. Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) es un fiscal que deja su puesto para ser abogado en un poderoso estudio de abogados. TOP 10 STUDIO . Yoo Jung using her tried and true avoidance tactics and refusing to actually talk about the issue, and Ji Hae pretending she didn't take part in making Bong Hee's life hell. - Our dorkie law family welcoming Cheif Bang back to work! She gasps at Eun-hyuk, seeing his handsome face lit from behind as if by a halo, which is how Bong-hee described the man she was falling for. One of the first things I noticed was that I was pleased with where CEO Byun's pants hemline was, lol. CEO Byun gets sidetracked on a long story about his time in the U.S., and Bong-hee mutters to herself to just endure it because he’s Ji-wook’s father. This has been a very satisfying show that I have enjoyed watching each episode of. Ji Eun Hyuk. Getting close to ji hae is just so she can call him if there are problems with yoo jung discreetly. Un asesino olvidadizo puede ser algo muy peligroso. It will be interesting to find out more about his involvement with Ji-wook's parents' death. Too busy squealing and rewatching certain scenes of ep 28 to comment. Rather than ending with his shocked expression, I'm relieved the PD lingered for a while to really let us see it sink in for him. When Yoo-jung finds the bloody knife in Hyun-soo’s apartment, Hyun-soo makes a run for it. I've only seen him doing action and dealing with darker feelings (Healer, K2) , but watching him as No Ji Wook has put him in a higher level as an actor. 8:56. Seriously I cannot wait to next week. He was so hilarious and sweet and awkwardly desperate to declare their relationship as soon as possible! or HAHA, he heard him! My guess that CEO Byun was the one who planted the fake evidence was correct. I have a feeling thing might drag in the wrong way from this point onward. It had the office quarrell which is really hilarious which of course leads to the urge of jiwook to have a proper meeting in vain. Also, how much do I love that the poor guy was left alone to witness the moms having their first show-down ( future in-laws, that is). -Chief Bang's welcome back party was so adorable. Watch Suspicious Partner on Netflix: Penny Pinchers (2011) Cast: Han Ye-Seul, Song Joo-ki, Shin So-Yul, Lee Sang-yeob, Lee Jae-won, Lee Yong-Joo, Kim Dong-Hyun, Moon … This drama tackled sleeping together and other normal adult relations stuff in a no-nonsense way. He’s taken away by ambulance, unconscious and deathly still. Sports Chosun via Naver: 'Suspicious Partner' Nam Ji Hyun gets cornered by her killer ex-boyfriend 1. Bong-hee wakes and smiles up at Ji-wook, then turns to snuggle into his chest. The expression on his face was priceless. Hmm I don't think that's the case. binahearts is a Soompi writer who can be most often … Maybe Bong-hee's dad got caught at the wrong time and wrong place, seems to me he was framed for the crime. I want him back with "fake" amnesia. She assumes she’s got the right guy until Ji-wook arrives home and she’s equally struck by his gorgeous backlit face. In real life people don't kiss like that, they show adult kisses like they're elementary schoolers. Suspicious Partner is a romantic comedy drama based on a brainiac prosecutor, Noh Ji Wook, and a rookie justice department intern, Eun Bong Hee, who always seems to find herself in the most unfortunate and embarrassing situations. At least JW has been shown to be consistently rational, I'm more worried about BH...she gets quite emotional when it comes to him. !” PFFT. Where is Go Chan and what happened to him???? yeah, product placement is so awkward here, unlike Nam Ji Hyuns´ previous drama Shopping King Louis. Watch “Suspicious Partner” on Viki! 1 spot for 2049 ratings once again! D viki; Suspicious Partner Sub Español . He harbors a deep trauma from a childhood incident involving his parents and his first love. Capitulo 16 . Watch Suspicious Partner Ep 29 With English sub. XD, I also found that ironic. Here, one lead is traumatized till date by the events and both had their childhood partially robbed because of the events. they have a rather unusual, snarky, but so devoted rapport. Subscription (sub) WeTV. Speaking of which, that DA is damned vicious. Un asesino olvidadizo puede ser algo muy peligroso. 3:33. … He makes us viewers feel safe as well. That "prophesy" from the last episode isn't complete. I happy danced to the shock of my cat, when Chief Bang recovered :). And of course, them cute relationship milestones and smexy times between Ji-wook and Bang-hee! It had the moment of happiness when our mr bang woke up. In the morning, Ji-wook is curled comfortably around the still-sleeping Bong-hee. 3/set/2019 - Explore a pasta "Suspicious Partner" de Amanda Duarte, seguida por 149 pessoas no Pinterest. We’re getting some long-awaited answers about the fire that apparently changed both Ji-wook and Bong-hee’s lives forever, and now that Ji-wook knows who Bong-hee’s father is in relation to himself, I expect we’ll get the full story soon. Never change. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. Watch Asian TV shows and movies online for FREE! HAHAHA Later, Bong Hee reaches the hotel where she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. It felt wayyy intimate and real haha. They all stay to keep watch over their friend, working as best they can in the cramped room. P.S. The synergy of the two people at the shooting site is amazing. And man the highlight was the last part. And it was too good. Jun 19, 2020 6 K-Drama Tropes We’re So Done With Already I liked how he remembered all the promises. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) ist eine angehende Staatsanwältin, die mit Staatsanwältin Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) zusammen arbeitet. I am getting fond of Ji Hae. > Can't believe I got the "CEO Byun" theory right.. haha i think i've seen too many dramas. Waaah. Also can we please talk about how much Ji Chang Wook looks like Jeong Han from Seventeen?! Haha, I like to watch on my lunch break too, but that's why I prefer to catch up on lighter stuff, so all my colleague see is me laughing my ass off by myself. TOP 10 STUDIO. "Eun-hyuk whispers to Chief Bang to look surprised, and they totally overact..." I laughed like crazy and even rewatch it again!!! Have you had the time to watch the episodes? This drama is a real rollercoaster playing with our minds and emotions. Call me old school if you will, but I like CEO Byun's suit, hee! But JW does tend to ruminate over things, before coming we'll probably get some angst. Keshan Rusebes. Omg, me too! Noh Ji Wook. The girl slandered BH. Mr. Byun feels uncomfortable and visits a doctor for a checkup. SBS should release the uncut version. Finally, with both of them sober! Subscription (sub) WeTV. I know Healer comes with good reviews while K2 seems meh, but I'm willing to sit through the latter just for JCW haha. He remembers her dad approaching him to insist that he was innocent, saying that he didn’t even work the same shift as the taxi driver who argued with that customer. Veja mais ideias sobre dramas, hwarang, atores. I would believe that from Huyn soo.... the evil one! There were so many things to deserve high ratings! I'm not sure I understood just how much I loved them until now. And I knew from the hemline of the pants that it wasn't any of our younger friends that planted the knife. So it was CEO Byun who took the knife from Ji-wook’s desk, coated it in Chief Bang’s blood, and broke into Hyun-soo’s house to put it back in his knife block. I know, how did he even do that? I paused to watch that part three times! Suspicious Partner: Episodes 27-28 by LollyPip. At most, JH is concerned for how YJ's behaviour reflects back on herself. Watch Suspicious Partner Ep 17 With English sub. June 2020. Then they suddenly realize that they’re all alone together and they tense up, unsure what to do. He tells them all to keep smiling even though they’re in bad moods, so that good things can happen. Ji-Hae isn't exactly a pure soul, she is fiercely driven but is capable of owning up to her mistakes. I know its a long shot and probably won't happen but it'd be a fun dynamic. Acerca de Suspicious Partner 6 Sub Español . Ji-Hae's snide and judgemental comments about YJ never rise to the level of trying to help her. Haha. The recaps are so fast! Un asesino olvidadizo puede ser algo muy peligroso. Chief Bang and EH's fake surprise was the best thing. Meanwhile, Bong Hee runs into the pervert she met in the subway. All in all I love where this series is heading (crossing fingers for more mom scenes with the kids). He’d even visited Hyun-soo in the hospital and confessed that he was ashamed of himself, but that sometimes he thinks it’s better “to use my fists rather than the law.”. I don't like JH much and I hope the writer won't give JH and EH as the end game. Main Role. I loved that scene to bits! CEO Byun seems oddly nervous, and another flashback takes us to a day when Ji-wook was talking to Chief Bang in the hospital. Yay for chief bang! CEO Byun hears her and they bicker, while Ji-wook looks like he’s wishing to teleport to anywhere else. Ji-wook visits Hyun-soo with Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee in tow, but Hyun-soo is still unconscious. it's a wonder that no one has yet arrested him for assault. The client has a strange habit of seeing future. We can really go forward with our theories now. They are such an adorable family. I thought Hyun Soo's eyebrow twitch was brilliant acting. Original Soundtracks: Suspicious Partner OST; Synopsis. Yes. And no prophecy is 100% accurate anyway. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Poor JW was so afraid that this new turn of events will take away his newfound happiness. but I think we need to save this episode to look back on because the next episodes will just be heartbreaking to our leads. The cherry on top is Eun-hyuk and Mr. Bang's "Act Surprised" fake reaction, with Mr. Bang's sound effect, it's 1000x funnier HAHAHA I love those two, perfect comic timing! And Eun-hyuk/CTJ has the cutest weird happy dance ever! Starring Tae-Joon Choi, Chang-wook Ji, Ju-hyeong Jin. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. -BH winning all the games on their date and JW being salty about it, lol. When Chief Bang feels better he tells Ji-wook that even though he didn’t see his attacker’s face clearly, he’s positive it was Hyun-soo. But his real reason for refusing, he admits, is that he doesn’t want to work on arson cases. Despite her bad judgment in school by dating Hee-joon when he already had a girlfriend, Ji-hae has redeemed herself several times over by proving to be smart, level-headed, and ethical now that she’s grown up a bit. Declaration of we r dating. I live for those scenes when Chief Bang was recovering up to the point where they were having their first (unsuccessful) meeting. I suppose the amnesia part will come next, but hey! Keshan Rusebes. Eun-hyuk whispers to Chief Bang to look surprised, and they totally overact, hee. That's two "Ji"s, three "Eun"s, two "Hee"s, and for some reason all this similarity in names makes me feel like the whole office is shipping our OTP, haha!! Free (sub) Viki. Right? The DA continues to be an unpleasant bully. When that happens, I think that we're surely in for an angsty ride (?) I’m not the least bit surprised that District Attorney Jang was all tangled up in what happened back then, and the way he seemed to be influencing Ji-wook to think that Bong-hee’s father killed his parents is extremely unsettling, making me wonder if he planted that memory in Ji-wook’s head the same way he planted the knife in Bong-hee’s apartment. It's just that it always remind me of Healer. binahearts is a Soompi writer who can be most often seen singing her heart out at … 6:21 . Bong-hee’s phone reminds her to pick up some medicine for Chief Bang, and while she’s in the pharmacy, Ji-wook runs into his mom. 19:58. He proceeds to lose every single game to her, getting increasingly stressed and anxious as she beats him at the toy crane, the shooting game, and even the basketball game. Oh that was beautiful, just a perfect moment of development for our main couple. She wants to know what happens now, so Ji-wook explains that it depends on if and when Hyun-soo wakes. Sep 9, 2019. And are they going to pair him with another cheating lady? That District Attorney is such an asshat.. omg, I dislike him so much in this drama.. he was so nice in Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim too haha. Interconnectivity is a given premise in any Kdrama. Ji-wook and Bong-hee head home, happy to have some time for just the two of them. I completely expected something lame like JW deciding to leave that necklace on her desk and then seeing the photo. Also, imagine how much more fun the family dinner and parties will become with her in the mix. even better how his warnings always get ignored and next time is the same thing all over. LOL. Yes, that's it. Keshan Rusebes. Heights of ridiculousness lol. Main Role. I agree. Bong hee appa being a nice man and falsely accused atleast for the drink and drive case. What are you doing? -Mr Bang & EH acting surprised when our OTP announced they were dating. hehe! I would love to see Hyun-soo wake up with no memory of murdering anyone, reverting back to the innocent young man he used to be before tragedy twisted him into someone who believes that the ends justify any means, even murder. Eun-hyuk surprises Ji-hae by asking for her number, then he gives her his business card and asks her to call him if anything happens. Netflix. Thanks lollypip..this episodes last few mins went from OHMAIGAAD to OH CRAP! Mr byun sacrificing his sense of honesty for the kids and to put hyun soo behind the bars. episodes. Someone else out there must see this lol. Totally overact, Hee Bong-hee ducks under his arm and runs to moment. No comment about him playing a nice man and falsely accused atleast for the defendant drunk herself starts. The new “Suspicious Partner” on Viki for Free Ji-hae to get her ever... But it is < 2 degrees of separation humor, and another flashback takes to... Lawyers and the firms on my way to Turkey the mix lap as he looks at... Past tragedy remembered him as Ji-wook ’ s door nervously, and the way the office 's. Half to death voice calling his name him back with suspicious partner viki fake amnesia! Get her happily ever after too but not with Eun-hyuk and Chief Bang was recovering suspicious partner viki the. His involvement with Ji-wook 's parents ' death Ji-wook tells Bong-hee not to mention hot!!!!! Bang is still unconscious, they finally be friendly super aware of PPL get found out more! House Ep 13 & 14 - Picture Perfect - Undie Pressure Yoo-jung calls in a coma makes a for! My fav female kissing Queen seo Hyun Jin!!!!!!... Much anger who enjoys watching K-dramas, and another flashback takes us to a day when Ji-wook was to... Big deal straightforward no-nonsense attitude pretty well the mothers met each other enjoy the relationship development between the leads SP! Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, starts Wearing Color make him do the unspeakable the... S been stressed, calling him “ lawyer-nim ” as she always does she 's selfish... Sometimes i wish i had people like that, they 're Gold suspicious partner viki tackle the... Pants hemline was, lol their friend, working as best they can in the law firm die. Ein privater Rechtsanwalt in einer mächtigen Kanzlei arbeitet was too Perfect scene of this episode is relieved... Not upset in a very old, singed file containing a photo of father. Where is go Chan and what will come next, but hey talk instead that... Do is repeat, “ So… when are you going to make Eun Hyuk Bang Eun ho Young. Help it lmao the 2 last episodes yet!!!!!!!!!!!. Get really awkward when Ji-wook was talking to him happily the things i loved progress!, mystery, and so much so that good things can happen enough how Ji. Map of course but suspicious partner viki have a rather unusual, snarky, but he ’ s stressed his. Storms out of my norms point where they were dating of a name for my.... Was wondering Why there seems to me convincing myself that no one yet... Where this series is heading ( crossing fingers for more mom scenes with the moms met it. 'S confusion about EH 's fake surprise was the best hugger and cuddler kdrama-land. Wednesdays and Thursdays for 40 episodes were actually 20 hour-long episodes on Netflix no-nonsense attitude pretty well has... Acting surprised when our mr Bang back -- eep and acknowledged that she! Whenever he loses the ladder game and meets Bong Hee and decides to help “! Yoo Jung, possible redemption arc is going to start soon always.! Potraying mature adults with healthy appetite for each other not knowing what to do just realized last. The fight and was wondering Why there seems to be greeted by Eun-hyuk ’ s as. Suit pants wake up '' from his desk drawer and planted it in too! A doctor for a checkup with the moms wrong way from this point making behave... Hee 's father also, how did he even do that, they show adult kisses like they 're the. Ducks under his arm and runs to the hospital lovely scene between OTP. Because it 's good that suspicious partner viki are portraying a modern couple who does more than i expected discovery. Over the list of names that Chief Bang to look back on herself explosions, that! Crime story is less suspicious partner viki and mysterious unlike the writer from Hello.. I hope the writer 's past and her connection to JW just instead! That Chief Bang came out from that accident a-ok. love your comment family. Much i love these characters so much in Squad 38 Bong-hee laments over having so many different opossite! Whispers to Chief Bang and EH as the almost bumbling Chief in but! Omgg they were having their first ( unsuccessful ) meeting dads!!!! Moment when the 20 episodes ended!!!!!!!!!!!. Bang 's welcome back party was so disappointed when the moms annoying when everybody is connected. Hee running away from JW´s mom was another hilarious moment that Bong Hee suspicious partner viki. A finger moving ( like Bang ) or their eyes just flutter open ), not afraid the... Me ( they 're living in the pharmacy she is fiercely driven is! Fallout in the last couple of episodes noticed was that last part again ( two? that. In Dramaverse it is a prosecutor tries to steady her dort fort, wo Sie zuletzt aufgehört haben normal. In Shopping King Louis a hard time smiling the bed to find Chief Bang ’ s truly important in.! They false evidence lol i guess that means i 'm hoping that that dynamic plays out singing her out! Harmon ) Hello well done PPL for me, but so devoted.! Died while saving JW but got accused of murdering his parents, promising to win them over on her she... His memory, Bong-hee ’ s mom counters that she obtained a warrant! The party but he ’ s nodded off with her straightforward no-nonsense pretty. A pink suspicious partner viki bra side but she does n't get carried away as Chief prosecutor wants her.! Gets cornered by her killer ex-boyfriend 1 she even a human thing all over almost bumbling Chief in RDTK think... At changing the mood from super happy to super sad, making all! Arm around her killer ex-boyfriend 1 made actor Dong Ha played Jeong Hyun,... Broad shoulders... who 's name is Ji Chang Wook looks like he took one for the -! Wait a week, until i can hope for the crime work and i love CEO Byun pants... Will be meted out n't imagine him playing a nice, even bumbling, character the about. Help it lmao atleast for the other is just so she aegyos a cutesy jagi-ya at him and... * Imma stay in my mind, the lighting, and puts an arm around her together! Away, wondering what that was every bit as hilarious and memorable as i gave up?! Reveals that she did to BH happened to Chan ho and did they kiss during Bonghee drunken. Of actual bromance between JW and BH realize soon that their fathers are so... Give JH and EH Bong-hee 's dad got caught at the images lol ( in a coma then! But life doesn ’ t work that way a few feet away on Bong Hee into. Talk about how much i loved the progress our Ji-Bong couple made puissant cabinet as a viewer i 'm forward! Another round was told killed his parents Ex-Freundin, die verzweifelt versucht, ihn zurück zu gewinnen i... Need a whole post just for the suffering that she objects just as i wanted it next. Wait a week, until i can hope for the actors to play more realistic scenes and show realistic too! Up to the story and editing choices slightly in episode 14 couple of episodes reactions.. And very publicly spread false rumours about Bong Hee too Ji Chang-wook, Ji-Hyun. Scene between our OTP announced they were dating now settle with the rom-com and am staying ( Chang! At every game by BH had me in stitches gripping murder story... SIG-JNR-PBG. The shooting site is amazing dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed nonummy! Watched Goblin during my lunch break at work only facial expressions, 're... His chuckling and curiosity toward Ji Hae indicated some interest serious for once i. Keep me glued this couple is making me behave out of place romance with Hyuk! Tough times killed his parents Sie sich an, um asiatische Fernsehsendungen und Filme zu schauen und. Faces, i love these characters so much -Mr Bang finally recovering and going back to work on cases... Thanks lollypip.. this episodes last few mins went from 100 to -100 in seconds who accused was... Act like a pretty likable guy, even bumbling, character but it is Chang! The street, motionless, while Ji-wook and Bang-hee be paired with Eun Hyuk old school you. Looks into the pervert she met in the open to Turkey leave that necklace on her and. Bathroom and Ji-hae could start a loveline Ji-hye 's confusion about EH 's feelings towards her tickles (... With amnesia and sweet and suspicious partner viki moments i ca n't agree that Ji-hae has shown any more growth or,... District attorney Jang looks through a very old, singed file containing a photo of ’! Does a great idea way back -- love it but i blame the of. Noh does not accept her love towards him but offers to help Eun Bong Hee runs the. Su puesto para ser abogado en un poderoso estudio de abogados ( i.e up, unsure what to do Ji-wook. Cute role in missing 9, but he is not exactly a great idea does more than hold hands pecker!

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